2019 House of Councillors Election Special

Thursday, 11 July
From 18:30 to 20:30 (Doors open at 18:00)
GR Japan Meeting Room 301

The next International Policy Forum will be our Election Special 2019 where we’ll share GR Japan’s analysis of the forthcoming House of Councillors elections scheduled for 21 July.

Despite speculation that he would dissolve the House of Representatives to hold joint elections with the House of Councillors, Prime Minister Abe decided to abandon the idea as his administration estimates it currently has a stable level of support, and the Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito ruling coalition is confident it will win the election.

Voters, however, do not support the consumption tax hike planned for October and this will be the key issue of the election. Opposition parties are strongly against it and will capitalize on that public sentiment. Levels of support for the administration have also gone down recently due to its recent reaction to and rejection of the Financial Services Agency (FSA) report on social security that suggested public pension payments would fall well short of sustaining people in their retirement.

We will look at the likely outcome of the election based on polls and research and will discuss the future course of policies, including the consumption tax hike, social security, and other challenges the country faces, ranging from economic, trade, and energy issues to demography and the aging population.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear an insider’s views and analysis. Space is limited so if you’d like to attend, please sign up soon.

Note 1: This event is off-the-record. Guests are kindly asked to refrain from disclosing or sharing comments or discussions at the event in any form of media.
Note 2: The event will be in English.