Breakfast Meeting with Katsunobu Kato - Minister of Working-style Reform

Monday, 31 July
7:30am to 9am (Doors open at 7:10am)
GR Japan Office Meeting Room (301)

GR Japan had an honor to welcome Mr. Katsunobu Kato, who is the Minister for Working-style Reform, Minister for Promoting Dynamic Engagement of All Citizens, and Minister in Charge of Women's Empowerment, as guest speaker for the International Policy Forum (IPF) on  31 July.  The participants enjoyed exchanging views and insights on the work-style reforms and the government's initiatives with Minister.

One of Prime Minister Abe's top priorities, working style reform seeks to redress the inequity and inefficiency of Japan’s rigid and deeply ingrained labor practices.  A dynamic, energetic and engaging statesman who has worked tirelessly in support of the working style reform agenda, Mr. Kato has chaired ten sessions of the Council for the Realization of Work Style Reform, led discussions between Prime Minister Abe and labor experts on a variety of topics and on 28 March this year released the "Action Plan for the Realization of Work Style Reform"  with the aim of submitting draft legislation to the extraordinary Diet session this fall.  Mr. Kato will discuss with us the core components of the reforms covered by the draft law - equal pay for equal work, fairness in evaluation and promotion, flexible work styles, labor mobility and second careers for women and seniors who are seeking to re-enter the workforce.