Political briefing on the new Abe Cabinet and the next Diet session

GR Japan special report "Japan's New Dynamic: Capitalising on Change"
Wednesday, October 1st
Okura Hotel [View Map]

GR Japan’s Managing Director Jakob Edberg presented a special report produced by GR Japan in cooperation with PublicAffairsAsia, examining the political and economic landscape in Japan at this exciting juncture in Prime Minister Abe’s program of economic and structural reforms.

The report focuses on three areas of particular importance currently: the impact of Abenomics so far and the outlook for structural reform under the new Abe Cabinet, as well as the prospects of the energy and the pharmaceuticals sectors respectively in light of upcoming reforms.

During the briefing we also presented our view on what to expect from the upcoming extraordinary Diet session, the content of the major bills to be presented and the overall political schedule.