Transport and Infrastructure

Transport and Infrastucture

Transportation and infrastructure lie at the heart of globalization (the global movement of people, products, capital and information), acting as the blood in the arteries of global and national economies.

Globally, the sector faces pressures from issues as diverse as safety and security, pricing, and financing, as well as environmental impact. Governments and companies alike are being pressed to provide a balance between providing better and broader services on the one hand, and securing cost, energy and environmental optimization on the other. Japan is no exception to these trends.

Benefiting from the expertise of staff members gained at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, GR Japan has solid credentials in the sector, particularly in the areas of construction and road transport. In the commercial aerospace sector, we have also worked on issues such as air passenger rights, the liberalization of air tariffs, competition with national carriers, low-cost carriers, hub airports and slot allocations, etc.

GR Japan’s network spans the range of Japanese government stakeholders involved in infrastructure and transport, leaving us well placed to provide intelligence, identify opportunities, support government procurement projects, draft policy recommendations and carry out advocacy campaigns to meet the public affairs needs of our clients in this sector.