Akinori Yabata

Senior Manager

Since joining GR Japan as a senior manager in April 2017, Akinori Yabata has developed strong relationships with members of the Diet and their offices in both ruling and opposition parties. He has played a significant role in labor policies, specifically in the area of "Work Style Reform," and has garnered extensive experience in diverse fields such as IT, economy, finance, energy, environment, and fisheries. In his capacity as a consultant at GR Japan, he has organized and managed over 40 study sessions and educational events aimed at Diet members, policy secretaries, and other stakeholder groups, facilitating clients' government relations activities. Additionally, he oversees the management of GR Japan's SaaS-based IT solutions, websites, and e-Learning platforms.

During his tenure as the director of the president's office at Kodak Japan, Yabata was responsible for public affairs related to drug prices and healthcare policies due to Kodak's involvement in the X-ray diagnostic equipment and film industry. Before joining GR Japan, he worked at Japan's largest public relations firm, where he supervised more than 20 consultants as the head of a department specializing in IT and finance.

Yabata is a graduate of Keio University's Faculty of Economics and is fluent in English.