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Shinzo Abe

Discussions on wage growth with the business and labor unions

Immediately after the elections, PM Abe met business and union representatives to discuss wages. The lack of wage growth, combined with the impact of yen depreciation, is seen as one of the major obstacles to lifting private consumption, an essential part of Abe’s growth strategy.  Rengo, Japan's largest labor union federation, has decided to seek an increase in annual wages of at least 2%, with the Abe administration supporting that goal.

Shinzo Abe Press

Abenomics - Continuity for Change

As the media name for the dissolution that preceded it would suggest, the last election was about one thing and one thing only – Abenomics. Economic policies were the centerpiece of both the ruling coalition and the opposition’s campaigns and also the focus of the media debates and surveys in the runoff to the elections.

Bank of Japan

The Nikkei trades high despite downgrade of Japanese debt and banks

Moody's Investors Service have downgraded the Japanese sovereign debt over the decision of the Japanese government to postpone the planned increase of the consumption tax until April 2017. The Nikkei Asian Review reports that Moody’s decision is based on doubts whether the country can reach primary balance fiscal surplus by 2020, which was one of the main goals of the current administration.

FSA Japan

Changes in M&A rules for regional banks

According to the Nikkei Asian Review, effective from 1 December,  the Japanese Financial Services Agency removes a number of restrictions to M&A activities for bank holding commpanies. The changes are primarily  inteded to encourage consolidation of Japan's regional banks and ultimitaely a greater access to loans for small and medsize enterprises, which unlike big corportations depend primarily on banks for funding. 

Shinzo Abe

Abenomics at centre of electoral struggle

The Nikkei Asian Review examines the results of Abenomics so far,  by comparing the progress in five areas  - the Nikkei stock average,  unemployment rates, GDP growth rates, conumption expenditure levels and national debt - between 2012 and 2014.

Bank of Japan

Minutes reveal debate over quantitative easing

Released minutes reveal the Bank of Japan board doubts regarding the additional quantitative easing, voted 5 to 4 by the board earlier this month. Read more in the 26 November edition of the Nikkei Asian Review.