GR Japan Returns to Inspire Future Professionals at the University of Tokyo's GraSPP

GR Japan takes great pride in fostering the active engagement and real-world application of our employees' expertise. Last summer marked our return to the prestigious capstone project courses offered by GraSPP (Graduate School of Public Policy) at the University of Tokyo, continuing our collaboration from the previous year.

This unique opportunity allows us to share case studies on Public-Private Partnerships, offering students an exceptional learning journey. Through independent research within a group setting, students tackle real-world challenges on behalf of esteemed clients. GR Japan members, Yutaka Iwahori (Director,) Kayako Kobayashi (Associate Director), Yoshito Ogawa (Senior Public Policy Manager),  Austin Smith (Associate Manager), Emma Saraff (Associate Manager), Mary Popeo (Associate) and Haruka Kitamura (Associate), enjoyed engaging with students in dynamic discussions, focusing on hypothetical cases related to offshore wind power.

For further details, please visit GraSPP's news page.