Expertise across a wide range of policy areas

GR Japan works with many multinational businesses, non-profit organizations and other entities who are looking to understand and influence the business and public policy environment in Japan. Our role is to ensure effective government relations and public affairs activities and programs that help our clients meet their objectives.

We work across a wide range of industry sectors and issues. Over the years we have established solid credentials in the areas of healthcare and pharmaceuticals, energy, environment, ICT and technology, transport and infrastructure, food and beverages, consumer goods, etc.

Our clients benefit from the expert knowledge of our team, many of whom are former ministry officials (METI, MAFF, MLIT, MHLW) and policy secretaries with first-hand knowledge of the regulatory instruments and experience in policymaking and drafting legislation.


We help clients to create persuasive advocacy materials in Japanese, developing effective arguments and supporting data for use with Japanese government stakeholders and other influencers. GR Japan can arranges and support clients in high-level meetings and briefings to targeted audiences, from individual sessions to workshops and seminars, ensuring constructive engagement and interaction with key government decision-makers.

Stakeholder and Issue Mapping

Essential to the success of any public affairs campaign, GR Japan helps clients map out the political and policy terrain, identifying the key influencers and decision-makers, their views and motivations, and understanding how key decisions are made, as well as the regulatory, legal and policy framework within which decisions are made.

Government Outreach

GR Japan plans and implements strategic government outreach programs to help clients achieve their public affairs goals in Japan, by ensuring a detailed understanding of the landscape before engaging with government stakeholders, and advising clients on navigating decision-making processes in order to influence outcomes. 

Political Briefing

We provide tailored briefings and reports for senior executives, including overviews of the political and policy landscape in their sector, expert briefings on technical or regulatory issues, etc.

Research and Intelligence

GR Japan provides objective intelligence and analysis on issues relating to public policy in Japan, including policy-related discussions in government ministries and agencies, in the National Diet, political parties and advisory committees, etc.  We also provide expert analysis of legislative and political processes and dynamics, understanding the views and motivations of key players and the drivers of change. We gather information discreetly, whether directly or through well-placed contacts, to help give clients an information edge.


GR Japan monitors the policy issues identified by our clients, providing timely insight and analysis.  We track Diet and ministry proceedings, procurement opportunities, public comments processes, party and committee meetings, official announcements and releases, Japanese-language media, etc.

Public-sector Procurement

GR Japan helps private companies market their products and services to the Japanese government and public sector bodies, bringing business and government together at the national and local level.

Crisis Managment

GR Japan stands ready to respond rapidly to situations involving government stakeholders in Japan, providing strategic counsel on rapidly developing situations and helping clients to respond appropriately and effectively.