Japan as Global Financial Center in 2020 – FSA reveals growth plan


The Japanese government quietly released a recommendation to revitalize its financial and capital markets in December last year as part of the growth strategy plan of “Abenomics”, aiming to establish Japan as a global financial center by the year 2020.

 The strategy was compiled by a panel formed in November 2013 to consider how to get dormant household assets invested in the stock market and how to increase the presence of the Japanese market by leveraging its role in the growth of emerging Asian countries. At the same time, to support the development of unlisted growth businesses the panel looked into the simplification of listing procedures and fund-raising.

 The strategy contains four themes to be tackled as soon a possible this year: (1) utilization of household assets and public pensions; (2) improvement of the overall Asian market system; (3) strengthening Japanese businesses’ competitiveness and promoting entrepreneurship; and (4) improving human resource development and the business environment.

 The panel’s report is available from the Financial Service Agency’s website in English:

The original Japanese text is at: 

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