House of Councillors Election Briefing 2013

Jul 17th, 2013 05:45

Since 2007 efforts to reform Japan’s economy have been stymied by governments' inability to hold a majority in the House of Councillors. Both Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), and Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) administrations struggled under this constraint, as the opposition used the upper house to thwart their agenda.

Prime Minister Abe now appears to have a golden opportunity to straighten out the “Twisted Diet”. Public polling suggests that the LDP is on track to win a stunning victory in the upcoming election, with important implications for Mr. Abe’s ability to implement his agenda - including the structural reform that is the third arrow in Abenomics. Mr. Abe’s ability to push forward with constitutional reform may also hinge on the results of the upcoming election.

At the International Policy Forum House of Councillors Election Briefing 2013, GR Japan's Senior Advisor Dr. Llewelyn Hughes and Managing Director Jakob Edberg used the latest opinion polls and dissected the data to analyze not just the likely election outcomes but also the implications of those results on policy options for the LDP.  They also looked at how Abe's reforms would influence key areas such as the economy, industry, energy policy, healthcare, and trade.


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