With offices in Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Washington D.C. and London, the GR Group has been working to support employees and clients through the COVID-19 crisis.

To date, there have been no cases of COVID-19 diagnosed among our staff.

The company advised all staff on 24 February to seek medical advice and stay at home if they experienced symptoms consistent with COVID-19.  Staff were encouraged to adjust working hours to avoid commuting during rush-hours and were advised to postpone all non-essential travel.

A work from home policy for all offices in the GR Group has been implemented since 4 March.

The GR Group has taken the following measures to protect the health of employees while continuing to provide a full service to clients:

1. Working style

  • Teleworking is being implemented for all employees who can work from home.
  • Meetings of the International Policy Forum are continuing by webinar or videoconference, instead of the usual breakfast format.
  • GR Japan’s Tokyo office remains open for essential business functions that cannot be done from home.  Any staff member who comes to the office is encouraged to avoid rush-hour, be mindful of hand hygiene and follow social distancing rules in the office.

2. Support for employees and their families

Employees who exhibit cold or flu-like symptoms are required to stay at home. 
Employees with personal circumstances that make working from home challenging, such as children affected by school and childcare closures, are encouraged to consult with the company to find optimal solutions.
In the case of a diagnosis in the company, GR Group will consult the affected employee to determine how to provide additional support.

3. Dealing with people who have tested positive for COVID-19 and those who have come into contact with them

  • If a case of COVID-19 is confirmed in the company, the GR Group will work with the affected member of staff and health authorities to trace contacts and identify potential points of infection.  Office disinfection will take place if the individual has recently used the office workspace.
  • The GR Group will communicate with clients serviced by the infected employee, and work to assure both the health of the client and service continuity while the employee recovers.
  • Any member of staff who has come into close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 will be required to work from home and stay out of office for at least 14 days.

Staff, family or health authorities wishing to contact us in relation to COVID-19 should call +81 (0)3 6205 4205.