GR Japan Report: Japan's Hydrogen and Ammonia Policies

hydrogen and ammonia

GR Japan's energy and natural resources team is pleased to share their insights on Japan's hydrogen and ammonia policies, which lately have been a topic of significant interest. The report offers an overview of Japan’s hydrogen and ammonia policy landscape, including key Basic Hydrogen Strategy (BHS) targets, Japan’s international supply chain goals, the current framework for project support, and upcoming developments. Additionally, it outlines opportunities for international companies in Japan's renewed focus on hydrogen and ammonia.

In summer 2023, the Japanese government revised its BHS for the first time since 2017, expanding its scope to include ammonia and synthetic fuels. The updated BHS outlines plans to transition Japan to a hydrogen-based society by establishing a large-scale supply chain for low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia, alongside infrastructure development. Central to this strategy are two subsidy programs—the Contract for Difference scheme and the Hub Development Support scheme—set to launch in summer 2024.

Please see the attached for the full report.

If you would like to learn more about Japan’s hydrogen and ammonia policies, please message GR Japan's energy and natural resources team members, Austin Smith@Austin Smith and Debbie Warrener@Debbie Warrener via LinkedIn.