GR Japan Report: Japan’s Offshore Wind Power Policy

GR Japan Report: Japan’s offshore wind power policy

The Japanese government has referred to offshore wind as a Japan's "trump card" for achieving its decarbonisation goals. While fixed-bottom offshore wind development in maritime waters faces challenges, the government is optimistic about the potential for floating offshore wind projects in Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). 

GR Japan's latest report provides an overview of Japan’s offshore wind power policies and lays out major policy challenges for Japan's burgeoning offshore wind industry. The report underscores the importance of dialogue between the public and private sectors to enable experienced offshore wind developers to provide insights to the government and recommendations for policy solutions. Please click the attached PDF for the entire report.

Leveraging their expertise in Japanese energy policy, GR Japan's energy and natural resources team aims to facilitate crucial dialogues and help accelerate Japan's progress towards decarbonisation and renewable energy integration. Should you be interested in leading policy discussions or gaining insights into Japan's renewable energy policy landscape, please contact us from here.