Edano of DP Forms a New Party

Yukio Edano, deputy president of the Democratic Party (DP), today formed a new political party, "The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan".  DP previously announced to join the Party of Hope, a new party formed by Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike, in order to steal seats from the ruling party, the Liberal Democratic Party,  at the general election to be held on 22 October.  However, Koike's intention to exclude the DP members who don't agree with her and her party's political views caused turbulence and tensions in DP as her decision was rather abrupt.  Among the DP members, Akira Nagatsuma, Kiyomi Tsujimoto and Hirotaka Akamatsu are said to be considering to join Edano for the new party.  Seiji Maehara, the DP's leader, and a former Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, have already announced to run as independent candidates. For more information, please refer to an article by NHK World.