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Cabinet Reshuffle Likely to Be Drastic

Prime Minister Abe intends to reshuffle his cabinet in early August during the extraordinary Diet session that is scheduled to start on 1 August. According to the media, about the half out of the 19 cabinet members could be changed this time as PM Abe pledged to speed up his economic stimulus measures after the landslide victory in the recent upper house election. For more details, please refer to an article in The Japan News linked below.

LDP to Have a Simple Majority in Both Houses

The media reports that Tatsuo Hirano, Former Minister of Reconstruction and an independent member of the House of Councillors, will join the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). This will make LDP to  have a simple majority in both the upper and lower houses for the first time in 27 years and accelerate PM Abe to endorse his two political priorities - the economic revitalization and the constitutional amendment.  For more, please check a flash report by Kyodo News linked below.

LDP-Komeito Coalition Wins Majority - 2016 HoC Election

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe claimed victory in the House of Councillors election held on 10 July. The result is very close to GR Japan's prediction two weeks ago --- the ruling coalition of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and Komeito won the majority, which will allow the government to move ahead with Abenomics,  the constitutional revision  and other policy discussions with more confident. PM Abe also confirmed that he would reshuffle his cabinet in early August. For further reports by the media, please see an article by Nikkei Asian Review from the link below.

GR Japan Presentation - 2016 Upper House Election Analysis and Predictions

Jakob Edberg, GR Japan Managing Director, presented our analysis and predictions on the upcoming upper house election at "IPF: 2016 House of Councillors Election Special" on 28 June. His presentation is available as attached.  Should you like to know further details, please feel free to contact info [at] grjapan [dot] com.

Japan Gears Up for Stimulus on Brexit

As UK voted to leave EU on 24 June, Japan Time,  Prime Minister Abe said that he would take an action to stabilize the markets and called for an urgent meeting with the Bank of Japan and Ministers this morning. The government has also commented that more than ¥10 trillion could be poured into the economic stimulus measures, which will be presented in this fall.  For more details, please see the article on The Japan News.

2016 House of Councillors Election Campaign Kicks Off

The official campaign for the 2016 House of Councillors election kicked off on 22 June. A total of 389 candidates declared to run in the election that will be taken place on 10 July, vying for half of the chamber's 242 seats. As PM Abe calls economy "the biggest theme of the election", the coalition of the ruling party LDP and Komeito emphasizes the success of Abenomics while the oppositions focus on balancing growth with the distribution of wealth. For more details, please click the link below for the article by Kyodo in Nikkei Asian Review.

GR Japan Quoted in Nikkei

Jakob Edberg, Managing Director of GR Japan, was quoted in the article of Nihon Keizai Shimbun on the government relations activities in the new era of the Japanese industries on 20 May. The article is available from the link below. (Japanese only)

Japan to Stimulate Consumer Spending for Economic Growth

Japanese government will take further measures to boost its economy, according to the media. After a meeting of the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy (CEFP) on 4 April, the government announced a plan to stimulate consumer spending, by introducing new steps such as distributing vouchers for child care services, shopping coupons and travel vouchers, etc, aiming to lift GDP.  Prime Minister Abe instructed ministers to prepare the measures that should be intensively worked on in order to be included in a fiscal and economic blueprint. For more details, please visit the link below.

PM Abe Stresses to Challenge for Better Economic Growth

In his policy speech to the ordinary Diet session on Friday, 22 January, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reassured to tackle the challenges to realize his growth strategy. In addition to the pursuit of better and innovative economic growth, he addressed the diplomatic policies and security issues, touching upon Japan's relations with South Korea, China and Russia,  and briefly mentioned about the revision of the Constitution. For the entire text of his speech, please visit the link below.