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Shinzo Abe

NY Times: Japan serious about joining TPP negotiations

New York Times run this article on 16 March 2013, reporting on Prime Minister Abe's televised speech on 15 March calling for Japan to join negotiations joining the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP). Japan will seek to join negotiations for a free-trade pact with the United States and other Pacific nations, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Friday, giving heft to talks that could encompass two-fifths of the world economy but also adding a country with demands and reservations that some participants fear will delay an agreement.

Priorities for Japan's Defense Policy

Priorities for Japan's Defense Policy

Following last December’s election victory by the Liberal Democratic Party, its leader, Abe Shinzō, started his second term as prime minister (having previously held the post for a year in 2006–7). Among the first actions he took after forming his cabinet was to call for a review of Japan’s security and defense policies. 

Yoshihasa Hayashi

Minister of Agriculture- Japan to start TPP access negotiations afte upper house elections

On a TV show on 18 January, the Minster of Agriculture Yoshimasa Hayashi said he believes that Japan's participation will be crucial for the success of the TPP. He believes that, as good and trusted partner, the U.S. will grant necessary exceptions from tariff reductions, notably for rice. According to Hayashi, Japan will be in a position to take a lead in the discussions after this summers election to the House of Councilors, scheduled for July.