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Kiyomi Tsujimoto

Update on Abe administration by GR Japan for IPF Breakfast meeting on 11 March 2014

Prior to IPF Breakfast Meeting presentation by Kiyomi Tsujimoto, Former Senior Vice Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), GR Japan Managing Director, Jakob Edberg, has provided an analysis of the current political situation on 11 March 2014. Please click below Edberg's presentation. Scenes from Tsujimoto's presentation will be uploaded soon as well.

Abe and Masuzoe

Abe and Masuzoe agree to work together on preparations for 2020 Olympics

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met new Tokyo Governor Yoichi Masuzoe for the first time since Masuzoe’s election victory and agreed to cooperate on preparations for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games in Tokyo.

 Masuzoe had just returned from his visit to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, where he said he begun to build a network of connections among International Olympics Committee (IOC) members.

Japanese SDF F15

Abe to amend the arms exports rules

Japan’s government is eyeing the possibility of amending rules prohibiting the export of arms.  According to reports in the Nikkei and Asahi Shimbun on 23 February, the government has submitted a draft proposal to the ruling coalition parties suggesting new rules which would permit exports, subject to strict screening under new rules, and would permit properly controlled exports to third countries, but would prohibit arms exports to countries “violating international peace and security.”

Yoichi Masuzoe

Masuzoe sets out as a new Tokyo governor with his expertise – healthcare and welfare issues

After the landslide victory yesterday, Yoichi Masuzoe, a former Minister of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, has energetically kicked off his first day as a Tokyo governor by revealing his unique political visions.  On his appearance on the NHK program today, he described his ideas to increase salaries of caregivers and health nurses and to build more welfare institutions in the Tama New Town area where is suffering from the rapid population aging, according to Asahi Shimbun.

Interview with Kozo Yamamoto, House of Representatives

SNEAK PREVIEW! IPF Breakfast on 28 January 2014 at GR Japan,  Kozo Yamamoto.

Prior to his talk for IPF Breakfast, Yamamoto, a member of the House of Representatives, Former Vice Minister of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, shares his perception of Abenomics and Japanese economics in 2014 with GR Japan Managing Director Jakob Edberg. Please click "Read More" to go to the video clip!


Abe Administartion 2014 – Economic Turnaround Comes First

At a congress of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) on 19th January, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe promised to link improvements in corporate earnings to higher pay. Abe expressed his intention to prioritise economic recovery, emphasising the need to create a virtuous cycle of economic growth. While there are concerns over a slowdown in consumption after the tax hike in April, the prime minister seems to have determined that he will see Abenomics through.