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Abe determines to reshuffle his cabinet in early September

According to Nikkei Shimbun on July 26, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe decided to reshuffle his cabinet in early September. He initially considered late August for the reshuffle but pushed it back to September due to the schedule conflicts such as a visit by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi from August 31. For the Nikkei's original article in Japanese, please click "Read More".

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GR Japan: Post-election analysis

The tailwind for the LDP and New Komeito coalition lasted all the way to election day and gave a resounding victory to the coalition partners, just in line with what GR Japan analysts projected last week - we were one off target, with the coalition getting 135 seats in the House of Councillors, instead of our prediction of 136.

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Major cabinet reshuffle in the Abe cabinet expected in late August

According to Nikkei Shimbun, in late August PM Abe will reshuffle his cabinet for the first time since he took the office in December 2012. Abe is expected to replace at least half of the 18 ministers, as well as to create new portfolios for national security legislation and building up local economies. 

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PM Abe announces to launch an international conference for female leaders

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced to launch an international conference inviting female leaders during his press conference in Camberra on July 7, according to The Nikkei Shimbun. The conference will be held in Tokyo in September and planned to be an annual event, aiming to become the "Women's Davos".  The conference is proposed as Abe's growth strategy lists the women empowerment as one of the most critical issue to reinvigorate the Japanese economy. Please click Read More below for the entire article in Japanese.

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Japan-EU resume EPA talks

Japan and EU will restart an economic partnership agreement negotiation from the week of July 7. Please click "Read More" below for the news coverage.

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Abe's new growth strategy approved by the Cabinet

Japanese Government announced the approval of Prime MInister's new growth strategy by his Cabinet on June 24.  The details of the growth strategy are available from the homepage of Prime Minister's office. Please click "Read more" below to jump to the link. 

The power industry in Japan

New standards in the making - power industry faces changes

The power industry in Japan has been going through drastic changes since the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake in 2011. With none of Japan’s nuclear power plants active, the power industry has had no choice but to switch to alternatives such as LNG, the switch being a main cause of rising electricity bills.