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International Policy Forum Webinar with Gaku Hashimoto: Future of Japan’s drug development capabilities

GR Japan welcomed House of Representatives member and former State Minister for Health, Labour and Welfare Gaku Hashimoto to the International Policy Forum webinar on 4 August.  Mr. Hashimoto, who currently serves as the chair of the LDP’s Project Team on Strengthening Drug Development Capabilities, shared valuable insights into the future of drug development capabilities and the pharmaceutical industry in Japan.  The webinar was hosted by GR Japan’s CEO & President Jakob Edberg and Analyst Erika Negishi Bulach.

BIDEN-SUGA, U.S.-JAPAN SUMMIT  Launch of the “New Era Partnership”


On April 16, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga became the first foreign leader to meet with President Biden in the White House.  The Government of Japan was determined to be the first, because of the message it sends at home and abroad about the importance of the Japan-U.S. Alliance.  The Biden administration said “yes” for the same reason.  

“Government Relations Powerhouse”: GR Japan and the GR Group are highlighted in this month’s edition of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan magazine.

“Government Relations Powerhouse”: GR Japan and the GR Group are highlighted in this month’s edition of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan magazine. The article explains how GR Japan grew into the leading and most effective government relations firm in Japan over the past ten years, and notes the experience and expertise of the GR Group team in government policy and decision-making. Click on the link for the full article:



On 18 September, former Japanese Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Ambassador Koji Tsuruoka, GR Japan’s CEO & President Jakob Edberg, and Executive Director of the GR Group in Washington D.C. Jim Fatheree spoke about the prospects and challenges facing newly appointed Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, Japan’s first new prime minister in nearly eight years. 

Challenges and priorities for the new PM

2020 marks the 10-year anniversary of GR Japan

2020 marks the 10-year anniversary of GR Japan, the leading government relations firm in Japan. Co-founders Jakob Edberg and Philip Howard were interviewed by the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan, and discussed how the company grew from a two-person enterprise to a team of over 70.


Japan’s government lifted the nationwide state of emergency on 25 May but some restrictions remain.  The government is now working to lift border restrictions in phases with business travellers allowed in first, and resumption of tourism later in the year. Following the record-breaking supplementary budget on 30 April, the government is now preparing a second, even larger package to tackle the crisis and support economic recovery.  The crisis has proved a challenge to Japanese leaders, with Abe’s ratings falling below 30% despite the low number of cases.


With offices in Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Washington D.C. and London, the GR Group has been working to support employees and clients through the COVID-19 crisis.

To date, there have been no cases of COVID-19 diagnosed among our staff.

The company advised all staff on 24 February to seek medical advice and stay at home if they experienced symptoms consistent with COVID-19.  Staff were encouraged to adjust working hours to avoid commuting during rush-hours and were advised to postpone all non-essential travel.